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Going in for the kill

I have no idea why I'm diggin this song so much! It has the special 'something' that I look for in the music I listen too. You will see posts about music as well as to some videos that I love from time to time, just ignore them if you are not a music lover...LOL....Ok, check this out, let me know what you think about it. Personally, I think its AMAZING!!

CLICK HERE---------> La Roux - Going In For The Kill 

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A MUST read for every aspiring author

Ok gang....Here is a site that was sent to me Jane Friedman, the information it contains is well worth the read. 

There are no rules! 

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The Straits of Asgard sample

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The sun had long since set as the ship was slowly making its way across the turbulent Bering Sea, the storm had been raging since before dawn and was showing no signs of giving up the fight. The crew of the Akihiko were battered and exhausted from fighting the storm, the battle had raged for more hours than any of them could remember, all they wanted now was some rack time, but that wouldn’t happen until the storm abated. Capitan Masanori Takahashi was exhausted beyond words, but he would not give up his post, this journey had been the most perilous of his long career in the service of the Imperial Japanese Navy, he had never been witness to seas such as this, it was as if the very sea itself was rebelling at his presence. 

This mission had been handed to him three weeks ago, he had his reservations about this mission, it had been the first time in his thirty year career that he had questioned his orders. Try as he may he couldn’t reconcile this mission, what he was about to do was no less than piracy, it was kidnapping, it was an affront to everything he believed in. The only explanation offered to him was it was a matter of great scientific significance and, it was of national importance that this mission be carried out with the utmost urgency and total secrecy. It had taken two weeks of preparations to get to this point. The ship had to be outfitted for the occupants that would be returning with her crew. The crew had to be handpicked for this mission then briefed on what was to take place. Captain Takahashi was please that not a single one of them had taken on this assignment lightly, and each and everyone had voiced their reservations about the nature of this mission.

Now, as they closed in on their target, the seas had erupted into a boiling mass of fear, as if the God’s had reached down and were stirring the water in an effort to force them back. Captain Takahashi was sure the God’s were displeased with this mission, there would be no protection for them, and no absolution when it was over.  

Captain Takahashi gazed out of the frozen windows, there was nothing to see, just the lit section of the ship as she rose and fell with the enormous waves, he fully expected the Akihiko to break in half at any second, it was not natural for a ship of her size to be in these waters, she was not designed for these stresses. Even now he had men in the hold searching for any signs of weakness in the hull, so far there had been nothing to report, and all was well. He watched his instruments, this storm was a monster, it was alive, it was stalking him, he could feel it in his bones, this was not a storm spawn by nature, it was more. The radar screen was quiet, the only thing making an appearance were the few dotted crab boats that plied these waters for her riches, he couldn’t imagine how they were weathering this store, he was four times their size and his vessel was being tossed around like a child’s toy in a bath tub. He listened to the radio traffic, there was a report from the U.S. Coast Guard stating he could expect seas of fifty feet and winds to eighty miles per hour, yes this storm was alive, and it was coming for him, he had known the moment he had set sail that he would not be returning, he was hoping he could save his crew, but he doubted it.
As Captain Takahashi once again checked is instruments he noticed an object flying in from the east, he couldn’t imagine any aircraft flying in this storm, he surmised it must be the coast guard, they would be the only ones flying tonight.

Prior to leaving port the ship had been painted to look like a common freighter, no sign that she was Japanese in origin, even the flag had been ordered removed and stowed for this journey. The hope was to get his mission accomplished without anyone knowing the Japanese were involved. He still didn’t understand how these people could be so important as to warrant all of this, how could a group of seventy five people from Alaska be of national importance to Japan? His thoughts were interrupted by his first mate.

“Captain, we are one hundred and fifty miles out from the coordinates you ordered, and I just got a report from Oshi that there is some slight buckling in forward hold.” The captain stood there and took in what was just said.

“Thank you. Tell Oshi to keep an eye on it, with the waves we are taking I’m not surprised there is some buckling. Order the lights turned off, we go dark from here.” With that he walked back to his chair and climbed in. ‘And so it begins’ he thought as he picked up the phone located on the arm of the big chair he was now sitting in. 

“Yes Captain.” Came the voice of one of the cooks.

“Please send me up a pot of tea.” He didn’t wait for an answer as he moved the phone from his ear and replaced it on it’s cradle. He didn’t’ have time or patience to stand on ceremony tonight. In minutes his tea arrived by way of a waiter from the kitchen, the small man sat the pot down on the table beside the captains chair and backed away.

Once his tea was poured he raised the small cup, took a small sip then turned to his first mate. “Sound general quarters Mr. Yakhamoto.” Then returned his attention to his tea, his thoughts were interrupted by the shrill screaming of the proximity alarm sounding. He calmly reached over and pushed the button to quiet the commotion. The first mate was a bit confused by this action, the captain made no orders, just sat back in his chair. 

“Captain there is an aircraft moving in fast, fifty miles out and closing.” The panic was evident in this voice, weakness was something the captain would not have on his bridge.

“Yes Mr. Yakhamoto, I’m aware of the aircraft. Undoubtedly it’s a U.S. Coast Guard Jet patrolling due to the storm and, the fishing vessels in the area are most likely  American, nothing to worry about. Go down and make sure preparations are underway to receive our guests, see to it personally Mr. Yakhamoto.” He suddenly had an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach, something wasn’t right about this situation. He got up and walked over the array of instruments again to check the radar, the aircraft was moving in too fast, too fast to be a coast guard plane. He picked up the mic and called the coast guard station to see if they had a plane in the area.

“Coast Guard Kodiac, this is Captain Takahashi of the cargo vessel Akihiko. I’m picking up an aircraft on my radar, are you operating in the area?” The radio crackled as he waited for the response.

“Cargo vessel Akihiko – U.S. Coast guard Kodiac. That would be a negative captain; we are not operating any aircraft in the area tonight. We are picking up the same aircraft, but have not identified it yet. Will contact when we have more information, out.” The radio went dead. He walked to the window trying to see out. If it was not coast guard then who, and why were they flying right for his ship? His years at the helm had taught him to pay attention to his gut, and right now his gut was telling him that something was seriously wrong. He picked up the mic once again, this time he flipped the switch for a general broadcast to the crew.

“Attention! Attention! Attention! Battle stations! Battle stations!” The put the mic back on it’s hook and walked over to the command center. Within seconds the first mate appeared on the bridge with several other men all hurrying to their assigned stations. 

“What is it Captain?” Asked the first officer as he was taking his place at the captain’s side.
“I’m not sure yet, but that aircraft is not coast guard, they are not operating tonight. I should have checked that sooner. Have the men take the safeties off their weapons, I want them ready to fire the instant I give the order. I fear we could be in trouble Mr. Yakhamoto, move man!” 

Captain Takahashi went back to the radio. “Unidentified aircraft, this is Captain Takahashi of the cargo vessel Akihiko, please identify yourself.” The release the button and waited, no response. ‘So, this one is not going to tell me who he is.’ Thought that captain as he waited for a response, but none was forthcoming. He turned to the first mate, “Prepare for battle! NOW!” The aircraft was now only twenty miles out, he would be on them in mere seconds. He grabbed the high power binoculars from the table and walked over to look out, ‘damn this storm, I can’t see a thing!’ he put them down and went back to the radar, five miles out.

The radio crackled to life. “Captain Takahashi of the Japanese Imperial Navy War Vessel Akihiko, prepare yourself, tonight your mission ends!” Then silence. Captain Takahashi knew instantly that the accent coming from the radio was Russian, but why would the Russians be sent here to attack him? He was not told that the Russians were involved in this matter, or that they might be a threat. His confusion turned to anger, once again the secretive ways of his own government would cause harm to its own people, ‘damn them’ he spat through his teeth as he turned to issue his orders!

“Find that aircraft and fire! Fire everything we have! Do it now!” He turned to face the windows once again. 

The next thing he knew he was laying on the floor of the bridge flat on his back, he slowly pulled himself up and walked out on the observation deck of the bridge, the back of his ship was in flames, the ship was listing to port at thirty degrees, he looked up to hear the aircraft making another pass. The guns on deck suddenly erupted, but the bombs had already been loosed, he would be hit again, it was like watching in slow motion as they fell toward his ship, it was almost like he could swat them away they were moving so slow. He looked up and saw flames coming from the jet, he had been hit, he would be going down as well, it was little comfort, but it was something, his adversary would die this night as well.

He watched as his ship heaved from the center and rolled fifty degrees to port, she was floundering, she was going down. He looked up again as he heard the screaming of a jet engine that was also faltering, he watched helplessly as the jet came out of the clouds at full speed and disappeared nose first into the deck, he had a sensation of flying, weightless, searing pain, pain that he had never felt before, pain that would consume him, then the cold, cold that took his breath away, cold that froze his bones. He had been thrown from the ship as the jet plunged into her deck, he resurfaced and watched as his once proud ship roll, then silently, without fan fair, without recognition, she sank beneath the waves. One hundred souls committed to the deep, one hundred souls for a fools erand.

One hundred sailors would never see their families again, one hundred families would be soon be grieving the loss of their loved ones, and he, he would never again see the smile of the woman that had loved him patiently for thirty years. His gut had never failed him, his gut had told him three weeks ago that he was sailing to his demise, and the demise of his crew, and once again his gut was right. This would be the first time in a very long and illustrious career that he had failed to complete his mission, but he couldn’t help but think that it had been a glorious end, to die in battle, there was no higher honor, and to know that he had taken out his adversary before his own death. Yes, it was indeed a glorious end. He could feel the darkness closing in on him, he whispered a prayer to his god, told his wife once last that he loved her, closed his eyes and let the darkness take him.


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